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Dehydr8 Vinegar - Case of 12 bottles
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Detailed Description:

Case of 12 bottles of 375 ml (12.9 oz) Dehydr8 Vinegar. Each bottle is barcoded.

Take ripe cool-climate Riesling grapes, pick them, dry the Riesling on racks for months in a climate controlled environment until they become raisins, then press them to get each drop of sweet juice.  Make wine, called Vin de Curé (similar to Amarone.)  Make vinegar with a specialized culture. Result:  Dehydr8!  Tastes like raisins, apricots, dried apples, sweet, sour with dried floral aromas and it's deliciously sippable as a digestif or in a cocktail (think of a Manhattan with Dehydr8 instead of bitters.)
Vinaigrettes, marinades, finish foie gras, poutlry, meats, vegetables & purées, cooked apples, peaches & fruits, in desserts, deglaze and finish sauces.
Dehydr8 Vinegar is one of our more popular products that have gained the attention of culinary professionals the world over. Derived from the uniquely sweet fruity flavor of handpicked Riesling grapes, Dehydr8 Vinegar can be used for a myriad of dishes, as well as cocktails. The limits are endless, when starting with an ingredient as distinctive as our Dehydr8 Vinegar. Especially delightful when used to bring out the natural flavors in companion ingredients, the Dehydr8 Vinegar can be used as a replacement for commonly used vinegars, syrups, or citrus juices.
Though many winemakers may turn their nose up at the thought of their Riesling grapes being transformed into a vinegar, we believe that this is only the perfecting moment for our grapes. Providing an exceptional product such as our Dehydr8 Vinegar for chefs to enhance the palate of their savory works of art only exemplifies our mission. Never will you have to wonder what mystery ingredients may be contained in this elixir, as the purest and single ingredient in every bottle of Dehydr8 Vinegar is simply wine vinegar.
Order Dehydr8 Vinegar, today, and you will soon discover why you will never be able to create delectable dishes without it, ever again.
Made In: Canada
Display Weight: 29 lbs
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