The 'New Yorker' Canopy Top Receptacle 12 Gallon


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Description: Glaro's Satin Aluminum tops are made from heavy gauge seamless aluminum, hand formed by Glaro's unique metal spinning process. Glaro Satin Aluminum Receptacles are Rust Proof and Tarnish Proof.

Filtration system

All Aquaverve bottleless coolers include an NSF approved dual filtration system. The filtration system has a rated capacity of 3,000 gallons. While this capacity is typically well in excess of most location’s usage, Aquaverve incorporates the extra capacity in order to insure that the filters only need to be changed once per year. The Aquaverve filters are designed to produce the finest drinking water available.

Filtration consists of activated carbon and sediment filters and remove chlorine, lead, pcb's, chemicals and pesticides, cysts, sediment, and any off flavors and odors.  These filters are ideally suited to producing the highest quality drinking water while not stripping the water of the natural minerals.



22 lbs


The receptacle tops are satin polished by hand and finished with a permanent high temperature baked clear powder coat finish. The result is a permanent corrosion-free surface that is maintenance free and is easy to clean.


Once you have your water line in place (1/4 inch outside diameter tubing) it takes only 10-15 minutes to install the cooler following our simple step-by-step instructions. And best of all, no tools are required so anyone can easily complete the installation.  No drain needed!

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