Water Guard - Detects Leaks & Shuts Off Water Supply


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Detailed Description: Aquaverve's new Flood Guard quickly detects leaks and shuts off water supply.  Simply place the valve in the desired location and break the water supply valve to connect to the quick connect in and out fittings on the Flood Guard.

Water enters the valve from the openings in the bottom.  Once even a small amount of water is detected the plug will rapidly expand sealing the supply valve closed.  Simple operation and simple maintenance.  Easy to replace plugs.

Includes one replacable (single event) plug - see item W-6116-10.

Product Reviews

Getting replacement parts for an appliance should always be this easy. Congratulations, Aquaverve, on "getting it right."
It was wonderful to be able to order the old style no-spill caps so simply and get them shipped to my sister so quickly. Thank you so much.

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