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Detailed Description: Model HCR8.50, 220 Volt, chiller provides for instantaneous cooling to meet a continuous demand for chilled water.




Model HCR8.50 is a 220 Volt, 50 Hz remote chiller provides 8.0 gallons (30.3 L) per hour of cold water. This remote can provide chilled water to a water to a wide variety of fountains with modern styling. Chiller can be concealed under a counter, between or within walls (check local codes), or high on a wall or column. Ideally suited for factories, cafeterias, restaurants, schools, and offices. Other uses could be for precooling for beverage dispensers and fountains, machine coolant cooling, photo and X-ray processing, laboratory experimental work, or a capacity booster for ice cube makers. Model HCR8.50, 8-gph remote chiller, includes a heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet. The refrigeration system is balanced to provide low energy usage and a longer life assured by utilizing a high displacement compressor, a counterflow cooling evaporator/chiller, efficient capillary sizing, a large capacity dryer-strainer, and a fan-cooled condenser with maximum heat exchange. Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant is controlled by calibrated capillary tube. Air cooled remote chillers require air circulation for proper operation. Any chiller mounted under a counter must also be provided with adequate ventilation. When chiller is installed in wall be certain that it can always be removed through opening without damaging either chiller or wall. Allow minimum 1" clearance. Minimum 4" clearance on back side. Unit is furnished with leads enclosed inside terminal enclosure 220 Volt, 50 Hz, single phase. Capacity is based on ARI standard of rating conditions of 50° F (10° C) drinking water, 80° F (26° C) inlet water, and 90° F (32° C) room temperature. Multiple-Outlets: HCR8.50 is capable of supplying a maximum of 2 stations (bubbler, glassfiller). Supply line to station should be adequately insulated and no farther than 7 feet (2.12 m) from chiller. Note: Electric water coolers are not recommended or designed for outdoor applications or enclosed pool areas (chlorine). These conditions may void warranty.

Constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel, its compact style can be concealed under a counter, and between or within walls.
Efficient compact design provides 8 gallons (30.3 L) per hour of 50° F (10° C) cold water to a wide variety of fountains.Opti
Mounting Shelf: Model H7149MS, mounting shelf for remote chillers.



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