Countertop Ice Only - No Filter - 7 lb Storage Capacity


Current Lead-time Estimated at 8 Weeks

Sleek, attractive ice machine and dispensers produces up to 125 lbs (57 kg) of Chewblet ice in a 24-hour period with a storage capacity of 7 lbs (3 kg). Designed to serve up to 25 people, 15 Series can supply up to 185 servings (16 oz cup half-full) of ice per day.
Meets Energy Star Standards for water coolers




Provide consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice and optional water filtration for high quality refreshment. The 7 Series family comes in countertop, undercounter and freestanding models. Place the countertop model on a counter under standard mill work cabinets with 18" (457 mm) clearance. The undercounter model can easily replace other undercounter ice machines that require scooping by hand. All models feature a drainless design that makes installation and maintenance easy. 7 Series is for use in applications with less than 400 mg/l total dissolved solids in water (either naturally occurring or treated with reverse osmosis). 7 Series is not recommended for use with softened water. For indoor use only. 7 Series is designed for commercial use. Follett is not able to provide service for residential installations.


Integral air-cooled ice machine with up to 125 lb (56.7 kg) daily production of popular Chewblet ice - designed to serve up to 25 people (140 servings per 10 hr day1) - soft, chewable, compressed nugget ice is preferred over cubes2 - environmentally responsible R134a refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential - energy saving sleep mode - quiet production without noisy harvest cycles
Durable, attractive dispenser - modern styling, stainless steel exterior with accent trim - dispense-activated soft blue light illuminates point-of-use - easy-to-clean, removable 20 oz (590 ml) drip tray - dispenser top can support 35 lb (15.9 kg)


Comes fully assembled - two easy connections – electric and water - drainless design allows dispenser to be placed anywhere a water line can be run and eliminates the cost of a drain installation



17.59 in


14.62 in


22.12 in


80 lbs




Stainless Steel

Optional Accessories

Optional base stand for converting countertop models (item# 00956292)
4.00" (10.16 cm) leg kit for CI - countertop models (item# 00956300)
6.00" (15.24 cm) leg kit for FS - freestanding models (item# 00956318)
Drip tray drain kit for countertop models (includes 4.00" (10.16 cm) legs)
(item# 00981977)
Drip tray drain kit for models other than countertop (item# 00956375)
Ice machine cleaning and sanitizing kit, single use (item# 00979856)
Cartridge, replacement 5 micron particle/carbon (item# 00968107)
Claris4 hardness removal filtration system (item# 00986059)
Reverse osmosis system, 200 gallons (757 L) per day (item# 00986034)
Designed with sanitation in mind - Agion® silver-based antimicrobial product protection of key ice and water contact components - sanitary ice dispense reduces chance of contamination


Warranty - 2 years parts and labor, 5 years compressor parts - optional extended third year warranty (item# 00960732)

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