Ohio Filtered Water Cooler

Filtered water coolers vary in price according to model, filtration capability and other features. Internal filters need periodic replacement and require more frequent replacement in areas where water has more contaminants. Before purchasing a unit, be sure that filters are reasonably priced and easily available and that the system produces the degree of filtration desired. Then enjoy filtered water for cooking and drinking without ever having to buy bottled water again!

Bottled water must be taken from approved sources or else a water company can not sell it in Ohio for water coolers.

To find a company in your area, click on a city or town name below.

Types of bottled water for water dispensers include spring water, mineral water, and drinking or mineral water. Mineral water has more minerals than spring water.

Bottled water for coolers in Ohio can not contain additives or sweeteners and must be sugar and calorie free or water companies can not sell it. It must be filtered and tested before it is sold for use in water coolers.

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