Oregon Bottled Water Coolers

We sell bottled-water coolers as standalone items.We do not sell bottled water but we can put you in touch with a reliable supplier. (You will not be required to sign a fixed-term contract, so you're free to switch to another supplier anytime you like)...

Bottled water must be taken from approved sources or else a water company can not sell it in Oregon for water coolers.

To find a company in your area, click on a city or town name below.

Types of bottled water for water dispensers include spring water, mineral water, and drinking or mineral water. Mineral water has more minerals than spring water.

Bottled water for coolers in Oregon can not contain additives or sweeteners and must be sugar and calorie free or water companies can not sell it. It must be filtered and tested before it is sold for use in water coolers.

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