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Benefits Of Drinking Water

Nothing is worse than being thirsty, pulling the tap on the water cooler and nothing comes out.

What causes this, other than an empty bottle?

As a rule, there are two main reasons for no water flowing from a cooler or dispenser - the reservoir has become frozen or the air filter has become water-saturated due to a leaky bottle.

To thaw a frozen reservoir in a water cooler, first remove the plug from the electrical socket. Remove the bottle and, if your unit has one, the non-spill lid. If you an ice block, leave the cooler unplugged for at least two hours to allow the ice to melt.

If your water cooler has an adjustable thermostat, look for the small brass screw on the back and turn it one-quarter turn (counter-clockwise). Replace the bottle and plug the cooler back into the electrical source.

If your cooler does not have an adjustable thermostat, the entire thermostat will need to be replaced if freezing continues to be a problem.

If your water cooler has an air filer, you must remove the filter and either replace it, or leave it out altogether. The air filer is only vital if your cooler is in an industrial workshop or other high dust area.

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