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Newly designed to improve the health and sanitation objectives in offices, convention centers, hospitals, and schools our new OCEANIC TOUCHLESS water cooler has some amazing features.

Updated May 22nd
  • First and foremost is our unique touchless dispensing providing ice cold water with zero contact. Now your employees, customers, staff and visitors can enjoy TOUCHLESS water dispensing without fear of cross contamination.
  • Maximizing capacity and safety our OCEANIC TOUCHLESS cooler features Direct Chill technology.  There is no reservoir full of water to be contaminated because the OCEANIC TOUCHLESS is a closed, no reservoir system and features all stainless steel waterways for maximum purity.
  • Bottleless operation with built-in filtration.  Simply connect your OCEANIC TOUCHLESS water cooler to a water line using our quick connect fittings.  NO DRAIN IS NEEDED.
  • Stainless steel cabinet with fingerprint resistant finish
  • May 22nd update:  Initial systems will feature foot pedal activation.  Availability late June 2020. 
    Subsequent systems will include additional models and bottled versions with foot pedal activation and/or proximity activation.  Availability late summer 2020. 
    Preordering will be available on June 1st.  Email us with questions or to be notified of additional developments.  [email protected]
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