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Bottleless System Overview:
Aquaverve bottleless systems are simple to install and provide tremendous cost efficiency. Using a high capacity proven filtration system installed in the top of the cooler, these systems produce excellent drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Installation takes 10-15 minutes and requires no tools. Filters need to be changed only once a year (1st year is included).

Simple Installation Explained
Aquaverve bottleless coolers come preassembled. Installation can be performed by untrained personnel simply by following the instructions included with each unit. Installation normally takes approximately 10-15 minutes and requires no tools. You must supply the water line to the cooler. The water line should be ¼ OD (outside diameter) similar to most standard ice maker lines. Either copper or plastic tubing is fine – though we find plastic is a bit easier for most customers to work with. The water inlet connection on the cooler is approximately 45” high on the back so please make sure to have enough tubing. It is highly recommended that a shutoff valve be conveniently located.

Filter Changes - cost and execution
Changing the filters is a simple function that can be performed by any office personnel. While minimizing the customer inconvenience it should be noted that the importance of replacing the filters once per year is essential to preventing bacteria buildup in the filters from contaminating the water.
Easy step-by-step instructions are provided with each filter replacement kit.
A replacement filter kit including both filters, fresh tubing, and instructions are $60.

Filtration System Details
All Aquaverve bottleless coolers include a dual filtration system. The filtration system has a rated capacity of 3,000 gallons. While this capacity is typically well in excess of most location’s usage, Aquaverve incorporates the extra capacity in order to insure that the filters only need to be changed once per year.
The Aquaverve filters are designed to produce the finest drinking water available. Each filter consists of two or three types of filtration:

Micron Filtration: Our micron filters are rated to remove organic material and sediment with a particle size of 1 micron or larger including lead.

Activated Carbon: Carbon filters have the unparalleled capability to improve water flavor by removing disagreeable tastes and odors most importantly chlorine. The pores in the activated carbon trap microscopic particles and large organic molecules while the activated surface areas absorb the smaller organic molecules. In addition activated carbon reduces numerous chemicals & pesticides including, THM's, TCE, and PCB’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a bottleless cooler?
Though bottleless coolers cost more initially, the financial payback is quick. See our cost savings calculation on the bottleless cooler page for your custom savings, or the detail on how the savins from an Aquaverve bottleless cooler are calculated below. Of course the convenience benefit (no weekly invoices, no bottles to change, no empties sitting around) is realized immediately!

How do they operate?
Aquaverve’s custom design incorporates a dual filtration system into your water cooler. The filtration system consists of micron and activated charcoal filters and is built right into the top of the cooler. You simply connect the water line to the inlet filter with our easy on/off fittings. No drain line is required.

Can I get hot water too?
Yes – all our bottleless coolers are available with hot & cold water or just cold (except countertops). The hot water is approximately 185 degrees – definitely suitable for tea, instant coffee, soups, etc. And, on the hot/cold unit, if you want room temperature water simply shut off the hot water power switch on the back.

Are these units difficult to install?
Our bottleless coolers can be installed in about 10-15 minutes – no tools required. You will need to provide a water line to connect to your new cooler.

What is the ongoing maintenance cost?
Your dual filter system has a rated capacity of 3,000 gallons – typically far more than most locations use in a year. However, it is important to change the filters annually to prevent bacteria buildup. Annual cost for the dual replacement filter system – just $60. Aquaverve will automatically notify you to let you know when your filters are due to be changed.

How much will I save using an Aquaverve bottleless cooler?

Aquaverve calculates the 3 year savings by taking the total cost of your bottleless water cooler ($724 for example on a Celsius unit) and adding in the cost of filters needed over the 3 years ($60 each in years 2 & 3) as well as the cost of a sanitation kit ($19.50 good for 3+ years). Your total cost $863.50 ($724 + $60 + $60 + $19.50) is then compared to the equivalent cost of bottled water based on your usage data. For example if you use 2 bottles per week at a cost of $8.00 each plus pay $10 a month to rent a cooler, your cost for 3 years would be $2,856 ($8.00 x 2 per week x 52 weeks x 3 years + $10 rental x 12 months x 3 years). The net savings would be $1,992.50 - plus the added knowledge that you are benefiting the environment at the same time!


Disadvantages of Bottled Water

The World Wildlife Federation estimates that bottled water puts 1.5
million tons of plastic into the environment each year (3,000,000,000 pounds)

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