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The ultra-modern, sleek designed and high-tech Pacifik bottleless hot and cold water dispenser provides a refreshing twist on the old fashioned water cooler of days past. Equipped with the very latest technology, this bottleless water dispenser unit provides a ‘high-flow faucet’ that will fill a cup at an incredibly fast rate, providing super efficiency year-round. These bottleless coolers are a great addition to any gym, hotel or spa lobby, or high-traffic office environment where ‘waiting’ is not an option. Available in three metallic-style colors, Pacifik water coolers are suitable for any location, including the home and are simple to install. Find the perfect office water cooler or bottleless water dispenser for home at Aquaverve!

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Made in North America
Made in North America
5 Year Warranty
5 Year Warranty
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