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Found 93 products on 8 pages

Found 93 products on 8 pages

With More People Being Forced to Smoke Outdoors, Here are out Sleek, Upscale Outdoor Cigarette Disposal Units.  A Smart, Elegant Way of Disposing Unsightly Butts.

Glaro Cigarette Butt Disposal Smoker's Posts
- Use for Entrances, Office Buildings, Restaurants, etc.
-  Ideal for Backyard Patios.
-  No Messy Sand to Handle.
-  Solid "All Weather" Aluminum.
-  Exclusive "Built-In" Snuffer.
-  Snap Button Locks Secure Cover and Base.
-  Stable, Extra Heavy Base.

-  Satin Brass Models Will Not Tarnish! Even Outdoors!
-  Fireproof "All Metal" Design.
-  Easy-Empty, No-Fuss Design.

Appearance - Our outdoor cigarette receptacles enhance the look of your establishment, rather than detract from it. This finely crafted metal receptacle, manufactured in the United States by Glaro, has a rich, non-intrusive appearance. If our competitor's Smoker's Outpost "Genie Bottle" design seems a bit garish and if its appearance simply clashes with your existing decor, then you can see why our sleek, smart and aesthetically pleasing "Cigarette Receptacle" will complement any setting.

Safety - Dropping a burning cigarette butt into a plastic container filled with other butts may cause an unpleasant smoldering that can last for hours. An "open hole" design also invites people to drop other litter into the receptacle. Imagine someone stuffing a tissue or a napkin into a narrow plastic post, clogging the tube, and the next person tosses in a lit cigarette. Need we say more?

Our All-Metal smoker's posts have a "Snuffer" right behind the opening to extinguish the cigarette before it enters the receptacle. With minimal space between the opening and the snuffer, it is nearly impossible to discard much more than a cigar or cigarette.

Sanitary, Easy-Empty Design No messy buckets to handle! Your hands never come in contact with ashes or butts. Just push the bottom button to release the post from the base, then push top button to remove the cover. Empty, and you're done!

Durable, All Weather Smoker's Posts - The solid extruded aluminum outdoor cigarette receptacles have a large capacity and a heavy, 25 pound balanced base. They are completely weatherproof, wind-proof, odor proof and fireproof. The Satin Brass models cannot tarnish and, therefore, never needs polishing. Also available in 27 Baked Powder Coat Colors. Browse our smokers' receptacles below.
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