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Aquaverve offers beautiful chrome water bottle racks to store your 3 or 5-gallon water bottles in style! These sturdy, well-constructed 3-tier water bottle racks are space efficient and a great complement to any water cooler. To ensure your water remains sanitary until you place the jug onto your water dispenser, be sure to set your storage rack in a cool, dry location with no direct sun contact. Also make sure the bottles are stored away from cleaners, paint, and other harmful chemicals that may leak.
Have a local spring or well?  Aquaverve also offers empty 5-gallon water jugs to be filled by the customer.  All empty water jugs are BPA free! Even when you use BPA-free water jugs, you should never store water for longer than 30 days. Any longer may increase the risk of bacteria or algae growth within the water bottle.
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