Benefits Of Drinking Water

Looking for an eco-friendly, non-plastic water cooler? Try the Mini Celsius bottleless countertop water cooler from Aquaverve!

Our Mini Celsius bottleless water dispensers provide the great cost-efficiency of a bottleless unit with the space-saving convenience of a countertop design. Their cabinets are sand-blasted to achieve a beautiful brushed aluminum finish, available in fluted white with black trim, fluted black, or a smooth black finish. These mini cold water dispensers are a great way to have refreshing filtered water at a moment’s notice.
If you’re looking for a larger water cooler without a bottle, we also have the S2 stainless steel water dispenser collection. Our freestanding water dispensers add a sleek, modern presence that blends seamlessly into any room. These non-plastic water dispensers are easy to install, and are available with hot and cold water or just cold water.

Whichever model you choose, you’ll find your ideal home water cooler for sale at Aquaverve. Learn more about our Mini Celsius water coolers below.

One micron/carbon filter setup and mounting hardware included (filter must be mounted remotely). Filter capacity 1,500 gallons. User must supply 1/4" OD (outside diameter) water line (plastic or copper) to filter. Additional filters sold in sets of 2 (see accessories).

(without bottle)
LxWxH: 12.5"x12.5"x16.25"

- Removable drip tray
- Stainless steel reservoir
- CFC free, high efficiency compressor for improved cooling
- Adjustable cold water thermostat

- 5 Year Refrigeration System Warranty
- 1 Year All Other Parts

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