Benefits Of Drinking Water


Some people may balk at the idea of having a water cooler at home. They may say, "The water from our local source is just fine, thank you. It tastes O.K. and is always there."

But ask them how often they or their kids get a glass of water from the faucet, and the answer will usually be, "Not often." They are more likely to open the fridge and grab a soda or a glass of juice, both of which are full of high fructose corn syrup, which is one of the main reasons more kids are overweight.

What better reason is there to install a home water cooler? Here are a few more:

* Adults will also drink more water when it's available from a cooler.
* Save on your home water bill by not running the tap waiting for the water to get cooler.
* Put a water cooler in your home workshop or greenhouse to avoid going inside for a refreshing drink.
* If you get a unit with a hot water dispenser you can have a cup of tea or hot chocolate right away.
* Buying water in large bottles is more economical than other drinks.
* Quickly refill your "to go" bottle straight from the water cooler before you leave on your errands.

Across the country every day there is a water alert where the local municipal water is undrinkable and/or needs to be boiled vor use. Coming soon - the Aquaverve water alert page.

No doubt about it, a water cooler can change the way your family lives in a positive way.
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