Water Cooler History

Did you know water coolers have been in service from as early as the middle of the 1900? Amazing enough its true, even back then researchers and people in the fields of health were already aware of the importance of water and the value it played in our daily in-take of staying fit and healthy. With rapid advancement water coolers have branched out into business and homes world wide. In facts office water coolers are so common in most business establishments is surprising to hear some one say we don't have one when you ask.
 Business have found that bottle water coolers, are very convenient to use, not to mention just how important it is to offer cool fresh water to their employees to keep them feeling fresh and feeling good through out the work day. Through research employers learned that drinking water is a simple and effective way to care for your health at work. For companies providing water coolers it actually reduced injury claims and health benefits costs and increased over all productivity of employees. Today static's indicate that some 60 percent of a person's time is spent at work so they can't afford not to have some type of water system available like water cooler fountains, office water coolers and many companies are investing in hot water boilers that want to save money.
 These days' advancements of water coolers have open up new smaller in sizes, which are designed to accommodate most any space where they were placed and new know-how was developed to enhance these structures and make them more useful to the general public.
 Water coolers also began to come in various styles as the years went by. The time has passed were there was one simple and useful style of water cooler. One could now purchase and use a water cooler that came in a variety of shapes, materials and colors. The buttons and additional components were varied amongst water coolers manufactured by different companies and it was easy to find the perfect water cooler from the wide variety of water cooler styles available.
 The water cooler industry continues to improve these devices by taking special notice of purification methods and abiding by laws and regulations which cite such purity standards. Only the future knows how the water cooler will continue to evolve, but for now it has been an interesting history few individuals are aware of yet is worthwhile to know. Drinking water is a basic essential health habit and yet it's estimated that a considerable percentage of people don't drink enough water and are mildly dehydrated.
 Do you and your family drink enough water every day? If not you might experience some symptoms such as a decline in mental alertness, visual perception, short-term memory, associative learning, arithmetic efficiency, reasoning ability. The solution is simple, protect you and your families health drink more water. Remember not all water is great water so no matter if you're looking into simple water coolers for your home our advanced hot water boilers, bottle water coolers are the best solution for clean and safe healthy water.

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