Why Choose A Bottleless Water Cooler

People opt for a bottleless water cooler for a variety of reasons.

The chief reason is cost. Although a bottleless water cooler initially costs more, the financial payback is quick.

If a home or office uses only one bottle per week, the extra cost of the bottleless unit will be recovered in a little more than six months. The savings after that is money in the pocket.

Filters for an Aquaverve bottleless water cooler unit consists of micron and activated charcoal filters built into the top of the dispenser.

Installation takes about 10 minutes and consist of attaching the water line to the inlet filter using the easy on/off fittings. Drain lines are not required.

Filters are rated at a capacity of 1,500 gallons, and under normal circumstances should be replaced about once a year. The cost of filters is about $30.

So, a bottleless water cooler system carries an annual cost of less than a tank of gasoline for the car.

Aquaverve currently offers bottleless coolers in four designs:

    * S2 (Stainless Steel)
    * Cima (Cherry Wood available in 3 colors: Mahogany, Brown, & Natural)
    * Celsius (Fluted Aluminum available in 3 colors: Black, White, & Brushed Aluminum)
    * Fahrenheit (Plastic cabinet available in 4 colors and 9 different trim colors)

Aquaverve bottleless coolers feature both hot and cold water. The hot water heater can be turned off to provide room temperature water. Both reservoirs are stainless steel insuring maximum purity and efficient heating and cooling.
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